Stereotypes Of Irish Drunk

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''The stereotype of the Irish drunk makes for an unfair characterisation of the relationship between Irish people and alcohol''
Over the decades Irish people have been categorized into many different stereotypes. These include our love of potatoes, tea or talking about the weather. One of these which has perhaps become the most recognizable stigma and is internationally known as 'Irish drunk'. This stereotype has been forced on us by so many around the world but for what reason and why has it done so?
Visitors who spend their well earned money to come to the land of a thousand welcomes don't do so just to experience a culture of drinking Irishmen. Results from a conducted survey showed that 91% of holidaymakers
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We base a huge amount of emphasis on the recognized relationship between Ireland and alcohol. Take for example the successful visit of Queen Elizabeth and president Barack Obama to Ireland in recent years where the first party was given a tour of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and the latter was famously pictured enjoying a Guinness in Moneygall. This is the same situation that arises with almost every well documented visitor that comes to the Emerald Isle. We essentially publicly welcome visitors with open arms and a pint in each hand (Alcohol Action Ireland. 2013)
The image of the hardcore Irish drinker was something largely created by and among Irishmen in Britain, the United States and elsewhere. This image originates from the 19th century when Irish emigrants came to American and British industrial cities in search of work. At this time when poverty was at it's peak, many turned to alcohol to escape. This developing idea of the 'drunken Paddy' appealed to the Irish as it created a sort of psychological home in a foreign country, and so the myth grew until it became what we know it as today (Open
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(National lifestyle survey, 1999). This pattern of drinking has become the norm especially among men. Out of 100 drinking events, 58 men aged 18 years and over binge drink. This only occurs in about a third of cases for women (Irish Medical Journal, 2004).
Alcohol consumption has a major impact on our society and was responsible for at least 88 deaths every month in 2008 (Alcohol Action Ireland, 2013). It is a leading cause in mental health issues and with 76% of the Irish population drinking alcohol it is no surprise that alcohol was also a factor in 40% of all cases of self-harm in 2010 (Alcohol Action Ireland, 2015). Below are some facts about the effects of alcohol taken from
One in 10 cancers in men and one in 3 cancers in women are caused by drinking
9% of girls surveyed and 13% of boys said that they first got drunk before the age of 13
Almost half of the perpetrators of homicide were intoxicated when the crime was committed
76% of all rape defendants had been drinking at the time of the alleged offense
One in three road crash deaths were alcohol

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