Essay On Irish Famine

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The Irish history went from horrible to bad and finally great, this is why. The Irish immigration came to be, because of the Great Famine, which pushed people to immigrate. They then abandoned Ireland to come to America for a better life. They finally started to blend into American cultures, but also gave non Irish their way of living and songs. This article is about the Irish famines, immigration, and blending into society in more detail. First the famines of Ireland started with the worst famine in history, the Great Famine. The Great Famine was a catastrophe with an extraordinary magnitude. The famine itself killed an estimated one million immigrants with starvation. The famine also started disease epidemics killing even more. The Great Famine killed an estimated 1/8th of the…show more content…
The first wave was on the poor side of Ireland. The mostly ended up in Boston, with about 37,000 people. The Bostonians ridiculed the immigrants for coming off the boat with clothes two decades out of style. The Irish took over the docks and small paying jobs that required no skill. (“Irish Potato Famine”) The Irish then settled down with another society, but had a few bad scenarios of crime and underage the 19th and 20thcentury they were allowed into the ways of Americans with acceptance. Nowhere in America was there no Irish influence, especially in New York. The Irish made big with football and baseball. (“Irish Immigration to America: How America Became Irish”) Now that this information is done, and it talks about how and why the irish-american history went from horrible to great. Many of the old irish-american claim to be decedents of that time. There were many waves of immigration, but America lived through all of them. Many men and women say they know about their heritage but many end up finding out something new about it. Every Saints Patrick’s Day should remind you of the Irish
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