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Describe how your own identity can be compared with the two areas which you have researched
Irish wedding
I am a catholic, in an Irish wedding you get engaged to whoever you fall in love with, your parents usually don’t have a say. When you get engaged here you have an engagement party to celebrate. In Irish wedding a bride goes with her family and friends to pick usually a white wedding dress and
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They have an engagement party where they two families meet, they exchange gift to each other’s family and the wedding day is set based on horoscopes. Both sides of the family go with them to get their wedding outfit, the bride wears a Sari or a lehenga there are different colours for different communities, the man wears an ahoti or shwerwani which is colourful too In an Indian wedding they have pre wedding customs they get a bath in haldi, oil and water, it is applied to both by a married women. The night before the wedding the bride gets designs painted on her hands and feet, the henna paste thinks many hours to makes but the deeper the colour the stronger the love. On the day the bride will be washed very well and her father will put a bindi on her forehead, this is a symbol of a third eye, the man gets dressed into his ahoti which is also colourful. Celebrations take place under a canopy, the groom arrives on horse make with musicians, family and friends, and a partition is held in front of the groom till he accepts the bride. The bride is brought in and the couple’s feet are cleaned with milk and water, their right ahnds of the couple are fastened together to symbolise the bond, the priest will light the ceremonial fire and they will say their vows and throwing offering into the fire. They take seven blessing for the journey they will take together (Cherrytee 2007) only then can the family come in to congratulate

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