Essay On Is The American Dream Still Alive

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In America we are facing a huge issue on whether the American dream is still alive many say no but I believe yes, the American dream is still possible through hard work determination and initiative. Although many obstacles may come your way through out your journey it’s still possible to excel in life. Being in America is a gateway to many opportunities. I believe that in order to be successful you have to work hard for what you want, great opportunities can surround you your entire life but if you don’t have that drive to go and get it then you will remind exactly where you are in life. Another issue is rate of poverty and homelessness, just because you are in a certain situation does not mean that you will continue to be that way forever. As Americans we also like to stereotype others just because of the things that they do or certain people that they associate with and many other things. It takes a strong minded human being to prove statistics wrong and become that teacher, lawyer or doctor that they have once dreamed of. If everyone in the world would try to help others every day the world would be a better place, then there wouldn’t be a…show more content…
According to the article “Where it went” “In the U.S., someone born in the lowest economic bracket has about an 8% chance of making it to the top. That actually isn 't a new phenomenon; a study last year found that the odds of making it have been just as low for about half a century. In the late 1800s, it might have been true that a penniless immigrant moving to the U.S. from, say, England would have had better chances in the New World. But upward mobility in America has been declining since the 1920s.” Although some of the statement is true, there is still room for improvement. Just because a child is born into poverty don’t mean that they will die in poverty with the right ambition and drive their entire life can change in a short period of
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