Democracy In Islam Essay

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d democracy and structured upon Islamic rules and laws (Ruhollah Khomeini )

Allah says in Quran(Yusuf verse 67) ‘

The leading pioneer of India s independence Gandhi had said that he wanted such a democratic state whose ruler followed in the foot steps of Hazrat Umar ‘

Islam is not only a religion Islam is a complete code of life .all aspects of Muslim society ,individually or collectively are covered by the social structure of Islam .our holy prophet (PBUH) established a state of at Medina of a unique type based on consultation justice equality and accountability .after his passing his righteous successors maintained the same system of governance .The holy Quran has mentioned the word SHURA for governance “ the govern with mutual consultation “ the essence of a true democracy is also consultation for religion is the source of all
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God has sent his messengers to guide humankind in all walks of life.

Hazrat Muhammad (PBHU) sent to us for our counsel he was last prophet of Allah as well as the founder of state .after him Caliphs the throne .holy prophet laid the foundation of Islamic state on the basis of Islamic

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