Islam In The Modern World Essay

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The problem of the Muslim's disregarding in the modern world is becoming more severe as far as more people consider the Muslims to be accused of the organization of terrorism. Since the cases of terrorism have become more frequent, the role of Muslim people in those events becomes exaggerated. This resulted in the perception of Islam as the religion of terrorism in the modern world. Besides the spoiled image of all Muslims, they are often subjected to numerous media attacks, which aggravates the situation. As a result of the lacking knowledge concerning Islam and the related culture, Muslim people are doomed to suffer. While many people believe that all terrorists are the Muslims, they, actually speaking, do not belong to Islam. In fact, many Arab countries even created a union to fight against terrorism.
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Besides this aspect, the whole picture represents the idea of the promotion of peace by Islam as far as Islam is translated to English as “peace”. Thus, the word itself presents a strong association between the religion and the depicted concept. Since Islam in so many aspects is associated with peace, representing it in an art form is a great idea for delivery of the real values of Islam since it is often said that ‘Islam is the art of peace”. Furthermore, it promotes all human values, just like other religions do, as well as provides, as Dissanayake identified it, “expression or revelation of universal human concerns”, through the Muslim art in particular (Art For Life's Sake 18). The correct interpretation of the artwork could therefore contribute to the destruction of a cultural border, which is “a barrier that a more powerful side constructs” to secure its interests (Heewon 67). This border should be removed by addressing the people who take it for granted and do not want to explore other

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