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Islamic clothing
The Requirements of the Islamic Clothing
Description: In this blog, we are going to discuss about the requirements laid down by the Islamic culture with regard to the Islamic clothing.
Islam is a complete way of life. It gives guidance about all aspects of life. Islamic culture lays down a set of rules for both men and women, including matters of public decency. Though Islam does not fix any standards for style of dress, yet it commands some minimal requirements which must be met.
These commandments are actually advantageous for Muslim women. According to Islam, a woman should keep herself covered properly, by this Islam doesn’t restrict women to wear stylish clothes, but it allows women to stay protected when interacting
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Though shiny and flashy clothes are not restricted, but they don’t serve the purpose of overall modesty. So Muslims should avoid wearing these kind of clothes which can make them look fashionable, but not simple.
Requirement: 5
Not imitating others
Islam emboldens people to be what they are and discourage them to follow what others do. Muslims should present themselves as Muslims, and not like mere imitations of other people from different faiths and cultures. Women should feel proud of their femininity and not dress like others. While men should be proud of their masculinity and try not to be like women. This is why Muslim men are forbidden from wearing silk or gold, as they are considered feminine accessories.
If you’re a Muslim you should look unique and not copy others. Follow your own culture and its rules to look like a real Muslim.
Requirement: 6
Decent but not loud
According to the Islamic culture, Muslim clothing should be kept clean and decent, it shouldn’t be exposing or excessively fancy and elaborated. Muslim scholars believe that a person should not dress to impress something body or to gain sympathy and admiration of others. Rather they believe that a person should dress to be comfortable and look modest and simple in whatever you

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