Essay On Isolationism In America

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The Adoption of Isolationism in America The debate about whether the world’s superpower should be involved in the rest of the planet has gone on for years. Stan Lee’s quote, “With great power comes great responsibility” can be applied to this situation. The United States is one of the greatest and most powerful forces of our time and has been challenged on numerous occasions throughout the course of the past 300 years. Many countries or unions want to hold the title of the most powerful nation but the US securely holds that position. The question really becomes; what do we do with all of this power? Some people would argue that we can use this to impose our wills upon other non-successful countries in order for them to achieve what we have. Others suggest that by doing this we are giving our power away and therefore degrading and lessening the strength of the union. The two sides presented are labeled as interventionism and noninterventionism. To completely understand the differences between the two, it becomes necessary to explore their definitions. Interventionism is taking the stance that the stronger countries take it upon themselves to involve themselves in foreign…show more content…
And we have seen a rise in those who believe in partial isolationism with a direct correlation in the rise of non-interventionism as well. The events coincide with the statistics in that when a war goes bad or we receive statistics that seem too high for the average, it shows a positive increase in supporters of isolationism. Due to these facts, The United States should only exert its vast power unto those who show real threat to domestic lives. That means people that live within the borders, not those we send over the ocean in order to “protect from future attacks.” Non-interventionism will breed a new America that is better suited for the present day wars and the 21st
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