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Abstract/Background: This experiment was to observe the interaction of Isopods with abiotic and biotic factors. The Isopods were found in a garden and brought in the the lab. In the lab, each group of students pick a control variable and a dependent variable. Problem: In this experiment, Isopods will be observed to see if paper saturated with the color blue is preferred over paper that is saturated with the color green. Hypothesis: The Isopods will prefer the paper saturated with the color blue over the paper saturated with the color green. Materials: • Paper towels, cut into circles • 10 Isopods • Petri dish • Control dish • Two markers ( non toxic blue/green) • Timer • Pencil/paper • Graph Procedure: 1. Gather Isopods into a container. Isopods can be found in gardens or moist, planty areas. 2.…show more content…
Gather paper towels, Petri dish, Control dish, blue and green non toxic markers, a timer, and pencil and paper. 3. Colored two paper towels one green the other blue and one was left as original color. (cut paper towels to the size control dish.) 4. Take one paper towel that is colored and put it on one side in the bottom of the control dish. 5. Then put the regular paper towel on the other side in the bottom of the control dish. 6. Take the 10 isopods and put 5 on each side. 7. Once there are 5 on each side put the petri dish over the top so the isopods can’t escape. 8. Get the timer and time the isopods for 10 minutes. 9. Use the pencil and paper to record data of the isopods’ interactions. 10. Repeat step 4 through 9 for the other colored paper towel. 11. When experiment is all done graph the results on the same graph to see what color the isopods prefer. Data: According to the charts, the isopods preferred the blue paper over the green paper. There were far more isopods in the blue and more often than there were Isopods in the green. The Isopods may have thought it felt more like being under a

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