Values Of Healthcare In Italy

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The Italian Healthcare System and Values of Sports Citizens in many countries have the right to obtain certain healthcare plans to preserve their physical and mental well-being. However, healthcare options often have different variations in different countries. The Italian and the United States’s systems may have similarities, but there are certainly many differences in how each country approaches healthcare. Along with healthcare, the value of sports in Italy also have many similarities and differences to the citizens of both countries. While people of both countries have the right to obtain healthcare, it will cost them money from either directly paying for healthcare, or by paying heavier taxes and having it provided for free by the government.…show more content…
There are many reasons on why the World Health Organization believed that Italy should be ranked thirty-five places above the United States. In general, Italy provides healthcare for everyone, even non-citizens, which results in an overall healthier society. Every citizen and non-citizen have their own sanitary cards which allow for them to receive care at any medical facility, and health costs are completely free for children under the age of fourteen. Yet the United States still spends more annually on health costs, and are still not able to achieve healthcare for each person and have worse overall health outcomes for patients (“Which Country Has the World's Best Healthcare System”). Despite both healthcare systems having different weaknesses, it is evident that Italy has been able to achieve a healthier society by providing every person free healthcare, while still spending a less amount of…show more content…
Citizens of Italy are unified when their national soccer team competes in tournaments that occur every four years, such as the World Cup or the European Championship. When the national team has won a game, cheerful Italians flood the streets in celebration, but when there is a loss the nation’s people become upset and begin to criticize the coaches and players. However, the majority of the time, Italian citizens along with other soccer fans around the world, are more involved with the club competitions that run from August until May. Club rivalry games are taking very seriously with crowds of fans waving huge banners and organizing chants against the other team (“Calcio: The Sport That's Italy's Heart and Soul”). Although Italy does not have the variety of popular sports as the United States does, the Italians all come together to share their love for their favorite sport. Whether they are cheering for their national team, or cheering against each other for their favorite club team, it becomes obvious that Italians share a strong passion for the sport which plays an important part in the Italian culture.
In conclusion, the Italian healthcare system has both benefits and detriments when compared the the healthcare of the United States of America. However, the Italian system provides a healthier overall society than the American system due to the fact that Italy is able to provide free
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