Essay On Italian Stereotypes

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As we know stereotype is a belief about an individual or a group based on the idea that everyone in a particular group will act the same way.There are so many stereotypes in the world. And every country has own national and cultural stereotypes. For example, the words pasta, expressive and romantic are often used to describe Italians. While most Italian stereotypes are inaccurate for example, all Italians are not mobsters and the men don’t look like Super Mario- there are a handful of stereotypes that hold some small kernel of truth.
Firstly, Italians can’t live without pasta. Italians live for food in particular pasta. In fact, Italians consume the most pasta in the world averaging 60 pounds a year for every man, woman, and child in the
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Also stereotypes can have advantages in some situations but they also have their disadvantages too. For example, stereotypes can be useful if you are in a new situation and need to make a quick judgment and fast decisions. For example, if you have never been around a member of royalty before you might stereotype them as being formal and reserved which will help you to respond to them in a respectful manner to follow their behavior. Furthermore stereotyping can be seen as simplifying our surroundings so they are easier to understand. In addition some people may like to be stereotyped as they want their looks and how they dress to come across clearly to other people, therefore they instantly want them to judge them how to act towards them and what people’s reactions are towards them.
Stereotypes have also disadvantages sides such as, some people may suppose that the same group of people share the same ideals and personality traits just because they have something in common like their dress sense, culture or taste in music. Just because they may look the same, it doesn’t mean they feel the same or think the same things.Moreover, stereotyping can create problems in many social situations like the workplace at school or in the local community. For example in the workplace if a female boss were to manage a group of
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