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Serious Causes of Itchy Leg during Running or Walking
To remain healthy one has to do morning walk or running exercise. There are hurdles in the way to enjoy walking or running. One such hurdle is irritating itches that are giving troubles to you and prevent you from enjoying the morning walk or run. Many persons are affected by the problem and gave up the morning walk or run. Running itch is a common problem that affects all who do walk or run. Go through the article on the condition of itchy leg, causes and methods check it.
• About runner’s itch
It is an allergy or itchy irritation that arises when you are on a morning walk or running. The irritation is serious enough to cut your morning walk or running.
• Causes of runner’s itch
There are many factors that for runner’s itch apart from allergy is the main one to develop a runner’s itch.
• Lack of exercise
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If it is confirmed through a skin test, then moisturize the legs with a cold cream or lotion. Ensure the lotion or cream suits your skin before using.
• Exercise tempted anaphylaxis
If you are on the morning run or walking, there are times you may feel the symptoms of hives on the skin or vomiting. Immediately you should visit a doctor. When you get the symptom it is known as exercise induced anaphylaxis and it blocks the oxygen supply to your brain, resulting in severe casualties or even death. This is the severe casualty that is related runner’s itch. You will feel fall in blood pressure in five to half an hour of starting the workout.
• Itching in hot and humid condition
While doing jogging in hot and humid conditions or a sauna or hot bath, you are bound to get skin allergy. Avoid above mentioned, when you feel irritated, don’t scratch it. The best solution is to take bath with cold water and stay in a cool environment. During winter time, you may experience the issue and avoid taking bath with hot water.
• Drugs and

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