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Who is James Meredith and what did he do? How did James Howard impact the civil rights? What in James childhood made him want to fight for equal rights? How did James Meredith not just fight for freedom and the civil rights,but made a big difference in the civil rights? James Meredith led and did a lot of nonviolent protests. James Meredith fought for what was right, even though it was hard sometimes. James Howard Meredith was born on June 25,1933 in Kosciusko, Mississippi. James loved politics. He lived on a farm with nine brothers and sisters. He wasn’t poor nor he was rich, but in the middle. He went to segregated schools when he was growing up. James first racial discrimination is when he had to give up his seat when he was…show more content…
James also was present in the Republican Party in the 1960s. James tried to get Adam Clayton Powell Jr’s seat in the House of Representatives, but it was not successful. After, that he ran for senate, but he lost to James Eastland in democratic. James had some success in his political run because he became a domestic advisor for senator Jesse Holmes. James also married Mary June Wiggins. James had four children, one daughter and three sons in 1956. Mary died, but James remarried Judy Alsobrook. They also moved to Jackson, Mississippi. James loves his sons, daughter, and wife very much. James was on the march from MT, to Jackson which is the march against fear on June 5,1966. James got shot by a sniper in the march against fear. James went to the hospital, but rejoined the march against fear. James also helped balance education, activism, and equal rights for African American during the march against fear. The march against fear was created for or help protesting racism, and trying to tell African Americans to vote. In conclusion, James also helped the past and future African Americans. James then, started helping as he called “Black Power Movements”. James also wrote several books about the civil rights. James started to get more apart from politics that involved African Americans. James also helped African Americans get more rights or equal rights, and
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