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Jamkaran Mosque is a pilgrimage location for Shia Muslims in Iran. Jamkaran Mosque is located 5 kilometers from the city of Qom. The pilgrims come especially to drop a message into a holy well which they believe will be received by the Mahdi. According to a tradition, the Jamkaran mosque was built at the orders of the Twelfth Imam, who directed one of the Shia residents of Jamkaran to build a mosque on his land. Based on this ground, the Jamkaran masque believed to be by many Shia people as a holly place. A unique attribute of the Jamkaran Mosque is that thousands of people from Qom and other cities go there on Tuesday and Thursday nights to offer a particularly prescribed prayer. It is a popular belief that anyone who visits the mosque for forty consecutive Tuesday nights and performs the prescribed prayer in the mosque will succeed in meeting the Twelfth Imam in person. The mosque and its areas have been greatly extended during the last two decades following the Islamic Revolution. Ahmadinejad administration’s special attention to Jamkaran…show more content…
Addressing hundreds of worshipers at Tehran University, Jannati reiterated, "The letter is spectacular, and when I say it is an inspiration from God, I really believe in it." In May 2006, with regards to Ahmadinejad’s letter to Bush, Mohammad Ali Abtahi, close advisor of former President Mohammad Khatami, said Ahmadinejad holds himself responsible for; Invitation to Godly, spiritual and Islamic values. This kind of correspondence is inspired by the Prophet' letters to the heads of the old world. Today in a period obviously different from the one the Prophet was living in, this behavior neither results in the salvation and deliverance of Mr. Bush nor rescues the country from dangerous global problems it is now facing.

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