Essay On Japan's Defeat In The Pacific Theater

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Throughout all of the Pacific Theatre the Allies use a myriad of tactics to defeat the Japanese. Japan’s naval mistakes were beyond costly in the entire Pacific Theatre. First, was Japan’s failure at the battle of Midway. Admiral Yamamoto was awfully uninformed about the US Pacific Fleet’s position. Yamamoto believed he could eliminate the US at Midway and move down the Aleutian chain to Hawaii and have FDR sue for peace. What Yamamoto was unaware of was that Nimitz was fully aware of Yamamoto’s plans to attack Midway. Prior to the attack Nimitz was able to set an ambush for the Japanese. After Midway it was clear that the central Pacific would be free from Japanese naval offensives. Island-hopping also came into play as Midway came to a close. Secondly, the battle of the Philippine Sea was also…show more content…
Prior to the attack US forces sunk multiple Japanese subs and US planes eliminated land-based bombers on Mariana bases. Toyoda also lacked when it came to ships and his negligence of the coms allowed for the US to listen into the Japanese squadron commander guiding pilots into battle. As the battle began the US had all air fighter strength available. Neither did the Americans need to worry about land based bombers. Upon the second wave of attackers the Americans decimated the incoming flyers and the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot was completed. Afterwards Japanese carrier fleet was reduced substantially in power. Island hopping in the Pacific brought the US many victories like the Solomon, Gilbert, Marshal, and Aleutian islands. Iwo Jima and Okinawa are two examples of Allied tactics that were involved in island hopping and amphibious landings. Prior to the battle of Iwo Jima as many others saw there was a preliminary bombardment from naval and air personnel. After the unopposed landings US soldiers were met with Japanese fortified positions and sharpshooters. Americans on Iwo Jima planned to seize

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