Essay On Javed Iqbal

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There have been several serial killers in history whose heinous acts involve the killing of victims over a particular period of time. Their victims include children, women, men or older victims depending on the killer’s preferred type of victim. One of the most notable serial killers whose victims constitute of children is Javed Iqbal. In order to provide a detailed understanding of Javed Iqbal, this essay explores his profile and timeline in addition to providing a theoretical analysis in relation to him. Introduction A look at Javed Iqball Mughal’s profile and timeline reveals his history in relation to his childhood, education, work history and the details that relate to his serial killing activities. He is also known as Kukri…show more content…
From the time he was a teenager, Iqbal lured boys by making friendships with children through magazines and giving them gifts such as tickets and perfumes (Lahore, 2001). At the same time, his relationships with his family and the woman he married were not positive. While his marriage to one of his friend’s youngest sister in 1983 lasted for a few months, he resisted his family’s efforts for an arranged marriage (Lahore, 2001). In addition, he was involved in a number of confrontations with his family members because of his indifference to their acts and decisions. After his family members allowed for the arrest of a boy, he abused them for doing so (Lahore, 2001). It is therefore evident that while Iqbal’s relationship with his family was negative, he related to his boys well. Before being a serial Killer, Iqbal was involved in a number of criminal activities that ranged from sodomy to assault. He was involved in the assault of a respected person’s son in Shadbagh and at one point he was arrested and imprisoned for six months due to acts of sodomy (Lahore, 2001). His father’s death worsened the extent of the punishments meted out to him due to his criminal related acts. After the death of Iqbal’s father, he was beaten and removed from Shadbagh the next time he got caught (Lahore,
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