Jazz Performance Review Essay

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Performance Reviews Winter 2018 1st Review The first concert I went to was more of a rehearsal, but it was awesome to listen to the music they play. At first, when I took this class I was not aware that jazz music included people singing. So when I went to go see them I was surprised to see people signing. The performance from Jazz Ensemble was at PSU in Cramer building. The instruments they played were different because bass guitar showed up and replaced the upright bass. Which it still sounded the same. They had a piano player, bass guitar, drums, and singers.The melody of the performance was slower than I have normally heard in jazz music. I think the performance was much better with the piano included. I loved how the instruments sound…show more content…
I liked this jazz performance more because it was more peaceful. I'm not sure if it was the location of the performance that got me to feel the music more. The location of the performance was a style where you would go listen to jazz. The performance was Robert Moore, this performance only had one person singing which was better to understand what he was saying. The concert had all types of instruments. The concert was played by a couple of people that love to play jazz music. They had a saxophone, piano, trumpet, guitar, cello and one singer. The loved when I listen to just the piano player with the saxophone it made it sound…show more content…
I was surprised to see that the PSU vocal jazz ensemble was also performing because I did my first review on them and I was not a fan. This time around I still did not really like it but it sounded better with no interruptions. The performance had piano, drums and I think it was a cello. The beat in this concert was awesome I loved it I wanted to keep listening to it. I think I liked it more because it had no singers it was just the instruments. I got more of a jazz feeling with listening to the instruments. I know the jazz we had been learning had singers, but I feel like it is better with just instruments. I feel like the instruments itself tell a story. The feeling I got with this performance was energy, a feeling of wanting to play
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