Essay On Jeannette Walls

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Jeannette Walls gives us a better grip on the deep meaning of her text by using imagery, metaphors, symbolism, tone, and word choice. Jeannette uses these writing tools to expand our imagination. She is trying to give us an image or the true meaning of something as a tool to create that movie of the story in her reader’s heads. In these two pages from Jeannette’s story she describes the moment in her life when her family was living in a house with no insulation in the winter time. She tells us about how exactly they survived and the problems that the Walls family met. My first piece of evidence focuses on her use of imagery. On page 176, “One day we got a roaring fire going, but even then we could still see our breath, and there was ice on both sides of the windows.” This acts as a way to describe how cold it was and the effects of this roaring fire. On page 176, “It…show more content…
On page 176, Jeannette uses the word roaring to describe the fire. This kind of gives readers a better and more clear picture of this fire. On page 177, Jeannette uses the word raging to describe her fevers. She uses the word raging instead of a bad fever to give us a more vivid image of her fevers. Again on page 177, She uses the word rank instead of bad or gross to give us that super specific thought of how dirty and smelly their clothes were. All three of these tools that Jeannette uses really helps to shape her story in a way that is understandable, flowing, and simple. Using these tool she has transformed the meaning of the story from just a boring story to a story teeming with description and fun, big words. Jeannette Walls really does help her readers get a better grip on the deep meaning of her story by using these tools. After reading The Glass Castle I am sure that I could remember this story for a while as a great story from an author that cares about helping the readers best
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