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Defying a Dictator

The triumphs at the 1936 Olympic Games captivated the world. These games provided the venue for the portrayal of the German concept of the superiority of the Aryan Race. One specific runner especially infuriated the Nazis because of his success and triumph. Despite the numerous racial slurs he suffered, Jesse Owens, an African American runner, continued to compete with confidence and perseverance inspiring others around the globe. History remembers Jesse Owens not only because he won four gold medals, but because he discredited the dictator, Adolf Hitler. By doing so, Owens proved that race does not distinguish a person from another; rather, one must thrive on individual excellence and accomplishment.
Before obtaining many achievements in the Olympics, Jesse Owens achieved many great accomplishments in his
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Segregation affected Jesse because at the time he had to stay in separate dorms away from his classmates, even his teammates. “On the road with the track team, he had to stay in all black hotels and restaurants (Weatherford, 30). After college Owens turned into an Olympic runner that faced the racist dictator, Adolf Hitler. Before the Olympics, Owens received word that Hitler did not want other races participating than whites. Thus, Jesse Owen’s will and goal was sparked.
Told that he should not go the the Olympics, Jesse Owens wanted to achieve excellence and to defy Adolf Hitler. Along with wanting to defy Hitler, he wanted to prove that any race can win. Everyone even his own race tried to tell him to not go to 1936 Olympics. Owen’s quest proved to prevail as an unselfish quest because Owen’s not only intended to prove that race does not matter, but that he can defy Hitler. When Owens won his olympic events, Hitler supposedly "snubbed" Owens, (William) and refused to shake his hand. Hitler’s actions truly portray his support for the Aryan
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