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Occupational stress and job burnout
Even if sometimes people face high stress at work, this does not necessarily mean that they are at risk of job burnout.
Job stress is aroused by the inability to handle unexpected responsibilities and pressures and the belief that they can’t be met by the personal skills and traits. It results from the lack of control on one’s job processes or the lack of supervisors or colleagues’ support.
Job burnout is a special type of occupational stress described by physical, emotional or mental exhaustion with disbelief in one’s capabilities and undervaluing his work.
Who is at risk?
The detachment caused by burnoutcan threaten anyone’s job as well as health. Yet some people are more susceptible to job burnout, mostly those who are highly committed, idealistic, with high standards and dedication to work.
Job burnout occurs more frequently to people working in a human servicing environment (education, healthcare, social work, entrepreneurship,..), or in a monotonous job. Those are more vulnerable to job burnout due to the highly stressful work environment and the emotional strains of the job. Burnout also hits perfectionist people who try to be everyone’s everything, those who identify with their work and get immersed in it to an extent that breaches theirwork-life balance.
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The change will develop the situation (physical, social, and work) as well as the self (active coping of skills and rest/ habituation). It also helps individuals become aware of the stress factors using interrupt behavior patterns, acquire skills of active coping and relaxation, and situation analysis and planning. Thus, the main aim of the individual stress management approach is to develop skills and confidence in one’s ability to change, and not to help the adaptation and acceptance of the stress

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