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1. Please introduce yourself and state the purpose of the interview.
My name is Prabhsangam Kaur Gill and I am a graduating senior at Cal State East Bay majoring in health sciences. I am doing this interview to learn about your professional training for this job, your work experiences and hopefully, get some career tips as I prepare to enter the work environment. This interview is also a partial fulfillment of the requirements of my final course in the health sciences program.

2. Please tell me how you were professionally trained for this position?
Satnam Sidhu, R.N. emigrated from India 25 years ago. I first started working as an LVN in the emergency department of Kaiser Permanente. After 10 years working there I decided to apply into urgent care, in which I worked for about 6 months, but had to transfer to the Bay Area from LA. In the Bay Area, I worked in the Injection Clinic of Fremont and now recently I have come into
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In my previous job I used just get some down time when I had to schedule appointments and chart the patients’ activities. I also dislike or more like hate conflict with staff. We always have that one person who always wants to do things his or her way, which causes people to disagree.

7. What would be your recommendations for graduates like myself who are interested in a job like this one?
The important thing is in order to work in this position you have to be interested in the field. You want to be able to enjoy what you do and make it your passion. I don’t mind working in any department as long as it keeps me interested. Most people that I have asked who are pursuing a career in nursing are in it for the money and most of them don’t enjoy their job because it is very stressful. Do what makes you happy. Work as a nurse not only for the money, but to help people in the slightest way possible.

8. Any career tips you would like to offer
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