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Job satisfaction: People join organizations with certain motives like security of income and job, better prospects in future, and satisfaction of social and psychological needs. Every person has different sets of needs at different times. It is the responsibility of management to recognize this basic fact and provide appropriate opportunities and environments to people at work to satisfy their needs. In this chapter I just want to explain about job satisfaction.
The term job satisfaction figures prominently in any discussions on management of human resources. Job satisfaction refers to a person’s feeling of satisfaction on the job, which acts as a motivator to work. It is not the self satisfaction, happiness or self- contentment but the satisfaction
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It can be influenced by a multitude of factors. The term relates to the total relationship between an individual and the employer for which he is paid. Satisfaction does mean the simple feeling state accompanying the attainment of any goal, the end state is feeling accompanying the attainment by an impulse of its objective. The term Job satisfaction was brought to limelight by Hoppock (1935). Hoppock describes job satisfaction as, “any combination of psychological, physiological and environmental circumstances that cause and person truthfully to say I am satisfied with my job.” Job satisfaction has many dimensions. Commonly noted facets are satisfaction with the work itself, wages, and recognition, rapport with supervisors and coworkers, and chance for advancement. Each dimension contributes to an individual’s overall feeling of satisfaction with the job itself, but different people define the “job” differently. There are three important dimensions to job satisfaction:

1) Job- satisfaction refers to one’s feeling towards one’s job. It can only be inferred but not seen.

2) Job satisfaction is often determined by how well outcomes meet or exceed expectations. Satisfaction in one’s job means increased commitment in the fulfillment of formal requirements. There is greater willingness to invest personal energy and time in job

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