Essay On John Stuart Mill Principle

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The object of this essay is to show a simple evaluation of john Stuart mill principle “an action is right that it does not cause harm to another person” I will be exercising both evaluations and explaining why the positive side outweighs the negative side of the principle, in a society that it’s people are emancipated to control their own opinions. Mill Stuart in his autobiography of 1873 he narrates liberty as a philosophic chronicle of indivisible accuracy. (Mill (1989.edn).p.189) rather than speaking of rights, many claim a ‘right’ not to be harmed ,mill says that only a harm or risk to harm is enough vindication for using power above someone else. John Stuart moreover he adequate his principle by reckoning that it is not good to use power on others. He further more say that he allows privilege (exemption) to the harm principle. One might say that Mills allows privileges such as coercion in the market world. Like a case were a successful business that’s making tons of profits to harm other business or companies by taking control of huge market shares. Another privilege would be that of incompetent people, retarded, never minds, and the minors, he means that this people could commit a crime and expect not to be punished because of their unique features, allowing them to kill and commit crime and not be arrested as they are incompetent?. On liberty is Mills reference to ‘backward state’ of societies where he says to the barbarians “we might leave off consideration these
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