Essay On John Wayne Gacy

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“I should never have been convicted of anything more serious than running a cemetery without a license.” John Wayne Gacy. John Wayne Gacy had a rough abusive childhood, which led him to commit crimes. For example rapping and killing young men but his reputation was good and no one really suspected it was him committing all these crimes. On March 17,1942 in Chicago John Wayne Gacy was born. John Wayne Gacy grew up with an abusive alcoholic father. If any of his siblings or him misbehaved his father would beat them with a razor strap. But after all those beatens Gacy and his sibling learned not to cry and toughen up. Gacy also had a hard time in school because of congenital heart conditions. Gacy wasn't able to play like the other kids or…show more content…
That’s how he committed his first crime. After being sentenced 10 years he only served a couple years because of good behavior. After a year John Wayne Gacy was charged with sexual assault again but the charges were dropped when the young men didn't appear for the trial. After several of years Gacy was accused of rape by two young men and officers also suspected him of other disappearances. On December 1978 police officers started to investigate the disappearance of Robert Piest. While investigating they discovered that Robert was last seen with John Wayne Gacy. The police officers later searched around John’s home and smelled a very disturbing smell. They thought a broken sewage pipe was causing the smell but later found many items like clothing, wallets, store receipt and more that belonged to the different missing young men. Gacy’s victims were male prostitutes as well as male teenagers that worked for him. John would trap his victims by promising things like money and job opportunities. After trapping them he would rape them and murder them or he would tie them up,hang them and rape them. But no one knew this about Gacy he committed all his crimes solo. There John Wayne Gacy was discovered by the police the person that had been committing all the crimes was him. On December 21 officer's arrested and took him to jail and proceeded with another search around his
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