Essay On Josef Mengele

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Josef Mengele Josef Mengele once said,“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” Josef Mengele said this quote meaning the more experiments he did on people, the less they would realize what he is doing. During WWII Josef worked in Auschwitz, a concentration camp. His job was very secretive and vicious. Josef Mengele was a very evil Auschwitz physician. He was known for his very malicious doings, and who he did those things to. Josef Mengele was born March 16, 1911, in Gunzburg near Ulm. He was a very malicious man. People knew him better as Angel of Death or White Angel (“Josef Mengele”). Josef’s dream job was always to become some sort of doctor. He was a very hard working man, some may say he had a very unhealthy love for his job. Outsiders didn’t know what this blood crazy man was up to, and didn’t worry much because Josef had the ability to keep people calm with his looks and voice. Josef grew up and got his first job as an assistant of a well-known scientist, Dr Otmar von Verschuer. Together they studies almost everything there is to twins. In 1937, Josef decided he wanted to take a step up and joined the Nazi Party. The following year in which he received his Medical Degree, he did just that. In June 1940, Josef got drafted to the Army, and started working at the Medical Service of…show more content…
He then changed his name, and hid as a farmworker. They found him and took him to prison but he escaped in 1960 and eventually died of a stroke while swimming on vacation (“Josef Mengele”). Josef Mengele died February 7, 1979. Dr. Mengele never proved himself to be anything but malicious. Throughout his whole life he was sneaky and evil. Josef Mengele is known today for his twisted experiments. He tormented children and adults and never paid for his wrong doings. Thousands of people died because of this selfish
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