Essay On Joseph Stalin's Paranoia

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Have you ever wondered who killed over twenty million people? He was a ruthless dictator with a reputation to kill people. Many of you would guess Adolf Hitler, but it was actually Joseph Stalin. Joseph Stalin was a Soviet Union dictator from 1924 to 1953. Joseph Stalin acted tyrannically towards civilians of the USSR and made dreadful decisions that negatively affected many.
Stalin’s paranoia was the root of the negative decisions he made. Joseph Stalin’s childhood contains: “violent outbursts following alcohol intoxication, generally from the father and aimed at both mother and child [...] it is plausible to argue that Stalin’s violent tendencies developed as a result of his father’s behavior; paranoia is said to oftentimes enter within a maladaptive relationship with the father” (Marina 4). With Joseph Stalin’s father being so violent to him and his mother,
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Joseph Stalin killed many by, “starvation in 1932 and 1933. Democide, government mass murder or death by government, was carried out on these people by Joseph Stalin” (Warren 1). It is unfortunate that Stalin led a genocide on Ukrainians for no reason in particular, considering that it is out of line to even attempt genocide at all. This genocide Stalin led, also known as, “Holodomor, [or] murder by hunger left 10 million dead. Some historians said 14.5 million were left dead” (Warren 1). It is unreasonable that he killed at least ten million people in this one incident. Even some say that he left over fourteen million dead, which is jaw-dropping fact that he did nothing to prevent this. Innocent civilians “[cried], ‘There is no bread. We are dying.’ This cry came from every part of Russia, from the Volga, Siberia, White Russia, the North Caucasus, and central Asia” (Warren 7). Not only did Stalin attack the Ukranians, but he also starved innocent civilians all over the Soviet Union. Stalin starved most of the Soviet Union out of
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