Essay On Journey Of Reading

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My journey of reading and writing throughout my life is one started during my childhood in elementary school. Even though reading and writing have been a struggle for myself, I am still continuing to try to increase my reading and writing levels. As a child, I had difficulty in reading. Because of this, the school required extra classes for reading. It was not until my senior year in high school that I wrote my first thesis paper. Since then as an adult, I have made a point to increase my reading and writing abilities. I do not exactly remember when during my childhood that reading started to become a struggle for me. However, I do remember as early as third grade having to leave my classroom to go to another building for tutoring in reading. As I progressed through the years, the school eventually separated the…show more content…
However, I did learn through my years of schooling that being able to read is key to success in any field of employment. I had a personal drive to be able to understand what I am reading, no matter what it may be such as an article in a magazine, a memo from supervisors or policy and procedures of a company. In my spare time, I would read as much as I could to learn new words. Since I come across words every day that are spoken to me that is not understood, I would research the words to better understand what was being discussed. Still to this day, it has become a habit of mine to read any random piece of writing to ensure my understanding continues to grow. Reading and writing have been a struggle for me since a young age. Even though I still consider it to be one of my weaknesses, I am very pleased with how far I have come. I hope that in the future, I am able to continue my desire for reading and writing to ensure that I am able to better communicate with others that I come in contact with my daily
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