Essay On Judicial Independence In Malaysia

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INDEPENDENT OF JUDICIARY IN MALAYSIA Independence of the judiciary connoted independence from the political executive; it is based on the terms of traditional constitutional theory. Pressures from superiors within the judicial branch can threatened a judge’s freedom of action. However, the challenge to judicial independence from the religious establishment is not unknown. There is also the danger of pressure from private, political and commercial centers of power. Public confidence is vital in the impartiality, integrity and independence of the judiciary. Unfortunately, no law can ensure integrity and impartiality as it is the personal attributes. Only some of the safeguards against interference that can be provided by the Constitution. It is cannot be…show more content…
The irritation is often correct of powerful and rich people and government officials, the politicians and media editors and their columnists. In the law and the courts, those who are used to be obeyed and feared commonly find it intensely annoying that there is a source of power that they cannot buy or control. The essence of a modern democracy is yet observance of the rule of law, where the rule of law will not prevail without assuring the judges and the practicing lawyers and also the legal academics, which it’s a very high measure of independence of mind and action. Judges be free to interpret the laws independently, impartially and objectively without subject to any undue outside pressure from the police, the public opinion, the military, political, or any other interested body or person in order for justice to be performed. It is one of the judicial independence definitions. In most cases, this doctrine is secured by allowing judges long and sometimes even lifetime, tenure and making them difficult to be

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