Essay On Julie's Journey

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Julie’s Journey “On Tuesday August 11th, exactly 3 days before her 39th wedding anniversary, our beloved Julie; wife, mother, and middle school counselor was horrifically shot multiple times during an attempted robbery at an AT&T store in our hometown of Derby, KS. She refused to let herself and other people in the store go into the back room for fear that they would never leave it alive. She sustained multiple gunshot wounds to her right lung and right forearm and had all 4 limbs amputated. Through Julie’s actions no one else was injured.” Julie has used Grit over the last year to be where she is today. What is grit? Grit is perseverance, it is passion, and it is faith. Julie is a loving mother of one daughter, Aimee. She is a retired middle school counselor and has been happily married to her husband John for 40 years. Julie Dombo uses perseverance, passion, and faith to get through day to day obstacles in her new way of life. To begin with, Julie used perseverance to overcome the biggest hardship of her life. Firstly, Julie’s dedication to physical fitness is the reason she is alive today. For…show more content…
Firstly, Julie’s optimism helps keep a smile on her face. Julie said that despite all of the obstacles, the optimism is what keeps her pushing forward to better herself (Dombo). Therefore, she looks at the glass half full instead of half empty. Secondly, Julie hopes that miracles will be in her favor this year. She stated that her electronic prosthetic hands are on an insurance loan and the insurance company won’t approve her. Thus, she holds onto the belief that eventually she will get to officially have her hands. Thirdly, Julie has put all of her faith into God. She told me a very meaningful quote that she goes by is, “Let go, and let God.” Therefore, she prays very often and she knows other people pray for her too. For all reasons, Julie uses faith to do what she didn’t think she was capable of
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