Essay On Julius Caesar Tragic Hero

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Betrayal is like the end of the world, a person can never see it happening. It can come from anyone but sometimes it comes from the unexpected such as a friend or a loved one. The individual who is backstabbed usually has characteristics of being too gullible and also lacks judgment on others which often results him to being betrayed. In William Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, there are many debates about who the tragic hero is. Many often identified Julius Caesar as the tragic hero while others argued and discerned Brutus as the tragic hero of the play. Without a doubt, because of his possession of many qualities, Marcus Brutus is the real tragic hero of the play. Brutus believed that when Caesar is crowned, he would have…show more content…
Marcus Brutus is shown to be the real tragic hero of the play through his actions which follows the pattern of a usual Shakespearean play such as being a high positioned noble with the qualities of being honorable and moral, having an immoderate flaw of naivety and realization of his errors which leads him to try to resolve his mistakes with his death. Brutus is conveyed to be a patrician who is very selfless and does anything in order to be shown as reputable. However, his hamartia of being naive causes him to do a series amount of mistakes such as falling into the schemes of many characters. Brutus’s detrimental choices later leads to the great destruction of Rome, where he eventually realizes that his actions were the cause of the calamity. In addition, after he apprehends that he is the reason why Rome is in devastation, he tries to settle with the problem by committing suicide. This helps proves that Brutus is the tragic hero because all his actions matches to the pattern of a Shakespearean tragedy which also helps form the foundation of the play. Overall, a message is conveyed in this that a person should not be so naive and should also look out for who they put their trust in because treachery can from
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