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What is the effect of that time has on pushups compared to jumping jacks on the heart rate? If participants do pushups and jumping jacks then the heart rate will be at a higher rate doing jumping jacks then the participant doing pushups, because jumping jacks activate more muscles when performing the exercise compared to pushups so the heart rate will be more.To insure success in a experiment the scientist must make a null hypothesis. For example, the heartrate will not increase when doing jumping jacks rather than push ups. A good experiment always has a null hypothesis, this experiment is no exception.

Step One:Everyone who is particating in the trails must find a flat surface to do the exercises on.One paricipanmt must record the time using a stopwatch.

Step Two:The
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Although the data shows that both Pushups and Jumping Jacks increase BPM over time. Jumping Jacks increased BPM at a growth rate of 52% between 20 seconds and 60 seconds, while Pushups had a slightly lower growth rate at 43% between 20 seconds and 60 seconds.

The trendline shows that at zero timed exercise the heart rate for jumping jacks was below the pushup zero timed exercise. Jumping jacks BPM overlaps Pushups BPM at 20 seconds of exercise and is know increasing at a faster rate than pushups BPM. At 40 and 60 seconds the BPM for Jumping jacks is increasing upward, while pushups BPM trendline stayed the same throughout.

If the trend of the data continues then I could predict that at 100 seconds Jumping Jacks BPM will be at 171.425 BPM. I 'm very confident in my prediction because the r2 value is 0.874 which means the line is very accurate to data interpretation. If the trend of the data continues for push ups as well. I can predict at 100 seconds pushups BPM will be at 160 BPM. Im also confident in my prediction because the r2 value is at 0.8333 which is moderately close to data

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