Essay On Junk Food

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unk foods are those foods which have little nutritional value and have high calories, fat, sugar, and salt. Junk food is not considered as a healthy food. Different people have different perceptions of consuming food. Many people believe that consuming organic food lead to a healthier and happier life whereas some people do not. Junk food tastes good, due to which it is preferred by people of almost all age groups, especially children and children going to school. Due to the easy availability of junk foods on the school canteen, they are widely eaten by children. Junk foods manufacturers made food attractive and appealing so that children are compelled to eat them again and again. However, all fast food may not be junk food, for example, a…show more content…
Junk food is those foods which have less nutritional values and have high calories. children should be aware of healthy diet food which consist proper portion of protein, fat, mineral, vitamin, and carbohydrate. The daily consumption of Junk food leads to a serious problem in the children’s health and children behavior. Parents should be able to read children’s mind and give education about the negative impacts of food. Junk food becomes the preference of all age groups, especially amongst young generation. The easy access, affordable, and delicious part of junk food becomes one of the leading causes of obesity in many countries. In my point of view, the food manufacturer company should be banned from advertising on different products of junk food. The government should be able to impose certain rules and regulations regarding the children’s right to eat healthy balanced diet food. Junk food manufacturer should not use children for advertisement because they are not at the appropriate age to distinguish between right and wrong. It is necessary to give education about junk food at home as well as in school premises about negative impacts on health. So, children will be more conscious about eating healthy organic food rather than junk
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