Essay On Jury Trial In Russia

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Jury trials were first introduced in Russia by Alexander II under judicial reforms in 1864. However, after the communist revolution, jury system was abolished for Russia in 1917. Russia's first post-Soviet Constitution reintroduced jury trials by President Boris Yeltsin in 1993. Initially, only nine Russian regions adopted the jury system, but, by January 1, 2003, jury trial was adopted in all of Russia. Vladimir Vasilyev , who proposed the bill, told parliament: ‘We want to be sympathetic people, moving towards democracy but I don't want to see terrorists going free.’ Supporters of the bill said the switch from exclusive bench trial to jury trial was necessary because some courts in the southern Russia ‘where unrest and anti-government insurgency has split over since the Chechen
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This is how the rift between Russian civil society and the courts can be addressed.

Prospect of Jury Trial in Bangladesh:
Jury in civil trial is subject of severe attack nowadays. However, all who oppose the use of jury in civil trial do not dare to oppose the system in criminal proceedings, as this ensures that justice is served.

Matthew Reger, member of the American Bar Association’s Georgia office, noted that jury trial has both darker and brighter sides. The success of jury trial largely depends on how the institution plays its role in practice. It can either help the court, or can severely harm its credibility and take the judiciary to worse condition. He also observed that, if the rules are enforced and the procedures implemented justly and fairly, then the jury system will have a better chance of
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