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Education is vital for everyone. It is a door of great opportunity not only confined in working fields but it cultivates the most significant aspect in life in oneself that is, knowledge. People who succeed are those who go through the door of opportunity and face an abundance of challenges and trials to shape their mind and thinking process in order to see the world in multiple perspectives.
In the world these days, accessing to education does not seem to be a problem to the modern society however, there is still a remnant from the conventional and traditional thought resided in a certain particular society regarding education and women especially in the third world countries in which women are being discriminated in many facets. For example,
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The main focus of Aristotle 's idea is to create a just society or to achieve a good life (end). To have a just society is when everything is placed in order. Everyone including men or women have their own specific role to keep the state just. The role of women can be understood when the importance of household is being placed at an ultimate level of understanding. Family institution or household cannot be abolished because that is where root or the source of happiness to achieve in the end; where human beings have their mind relaxed, quality time is spent and interaction with family members. Family institution trains men to be a rational being. It is due to our natural instinct is insperable. Family as claimed by Plato as the source of destruction. However, Aristotle totally against it by saying, family is where the good things are trained or the cause of all causes. Hence, one thing may lead to another. It will help men to be a good or moral person, who makes a good judgement, performs their duty efficiently and to be loyal to the state, and those are for instance. When this institution is abolished, that causes humans ' important dimension lose and they will long for it. A family institution or household plays a very vital role in order to keep everything else
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