Stereotypes Of Juveniles Essay

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Juvenile Justice is the primary system used to handle youth who, in fact, is convicted of criminal offenses. These crimes juveniles commit each and every day are they innocuous or dangerous towards our society? Either way they are tried as adults. I´m stating the fact that when juveniles commit crime they should be treated differently from any other adult criminal. In today 's society, there is always stereotypes about juveniles not just the fact that they have committed a crime at any point of their life, indeed by the drug influence, background, or race. In an article called 'It seems that we can only be interesting if we are smoking, snorting or stabbing ', it stated, that “One stereotype of young people today is that they are all thieving, knife-carrying, troublemakers who waste most of their time dossing about”(Dominique Mitchell.) Judging them to expeditious to even realize if there was an explanation for all of this nonsense. Adults seem to exaggerate in any case as police officers can pull you off from the streets because of the way you dress. In any case, there have been news reports that indicate how people distinguish us and anticipate juveniles or non-juveniles presuming they are a threat to society. The thing is, everyone is the same when it comes to young minds what I…show more content…
This happens because these juveniles feel like a small ant just waiting be to smashed or crushed by someone foot and what I mean by this is that they need to be heard since they have needs and wants. We have to be prepared and ready to judge a juvenile because things may not like the you want to see it. We should change the way our juvenile system works. When juveniles commit crime they should be treated differently from any other adult criminal. Know I ask you, should they be treated different from any other adult
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