Essay On Juvenile Delinquents

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Usually when a juvenile is a violent offender they are male. Also, by the age of 15 a juvenile becomes violent. In a study it was proven that they arrested African- Americans for offense that were violent but that they did not commit. Statistic show that if a juvenile commits a violent serious crime they are likely to commit other crimes becoming chronic delinquents. They also did a study on active delinquents and the characteristics of them. They looked for delinquents who had three or more court charges in Hennepin and Ramsey. They also stated that certain crimes could be associated with multiple offenders. Usually violent crimes, burglary, theft, and vandalism. The study also showed that locking the juvenile up will not help and will not…show more content…
If you lock them up they will still get into drugs and be by gang members. They don’t have a way out, but if you find a way out in the community and have a way to build them up that is good. They need a good education program as well, so they can continue and grow as individuals. Another thing we forget about is the psychological and social characteristics of juvenile offenders. Some juveniles suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, anger, dissociation, severe personality disorder, and sexual problems. (Avinger and Jones, 2007; Spilsbury et al., 2007; Vizard et al., 2004). There have been reports of witness to or victims of community violence that have led to criminal behavior, emotional and cognitive-functioning problems. (Eitle and Turner, 2002; Scarpa, 2001; Spilsbury et al., 2007). They also think that depending on how someone parents and the family process might contribute to a juvenile being delinquent (Gainer et al., 2007; Radosh, 2002; Smith and Farrington, 2004; Stewart et al., 2002). There are reports that many parents were abusing alcohol or drugs. They also were in the legal system, either incarcerated at one point or on
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