Essay On Juvenile Detention Centers

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In today’s society we depend on our youth because they are faces of the future and we need the best from them. Many of our youths come from delinquent neighborhoods and are more likely to adapt to that area. The term delinquency its self is broad term because how can we classify a youth as being delinquent if they never had a chance to be successful. Most youths that are sent to detention centers are sent because how they act in the home place, school, or out on the street. But how is it possible to send a child to a detention if they are mentally ill? This article mentions how psychiatric disorders are prevalent among incarcerated Juveniles. I believe that this article gives accurate assumptions of how majority of the youth in juvenile detention centers are diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. Based off the facts provided in the article, “approximately 90 percent of detainees had a psychiatric disorder other than conduct disorder or oppositional defiant disorder” (Teplin et al., 2002). .Psychiatric disorders are normally found in adolescents who have been in juvenile detention centers. The study of the persistence and prevalence of psychiatric disorders in kids detained, discovered that only a few years after being held in a detention center, …show more content…

Males had higher prevalence rates of substance use disorders over time” and “As compared to African Americans, non-Hispanic whites and Hispanics had higher rates of substance use disorders”(Listenbee 2015). Along with females having higher rates of depression over time, there were plenty of opinions on why and how kids are diagnosed with different types of psychiatric disorders while in juvenile. Detention facilities often offer rehabilitations to the youth along with several mental health

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