Essay On Juvenile Justice System

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The juvenile justice system in New Orleans is very complicated . Many unfair situations occur every day, the system is set up for juveniles to fail. The justice system for juveniles needs to be changed because they are put on trials as adults, they do not get the proper education that they need and it leads them to becoming real criminals. How is the juvenile “justice” system really justice towards the juveniles? Juveniles in the justice system need an alternative to incarceration because incarceration has been proven to increase criminal activity instead of providing a rehabilitation system for the juveniles. Juveniles in New Orleans are being arrested at a high rate for non violent offenses. Most juveniles who commit non violent offenses are tried as adults in court (Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights). After juveniles are convicted they are subjected to incarceration which leads to trauma and an increase in criminal activity (Hasselle). Also, while the juveniles are in prison they lose essential educational opportunities , because of the lack of…show more content…
They end up having nothing and have nowhere else to turn but to the streets. The system makes the juveniles lives harder by the situations that they end up in once they are out of jail. Police make them seem as if they are already criminals so why not be the people that the system sees them as. Teenagers in OPP do not get the correct medical treatment (Josh). The ways that they are treated and how they receive no help is ashame because that is not how people should be treated no matter where they are. It is understandable that they have not followed the laws that were given, but they should not be bashed; they should be talked to and given help. A good program that should be put in place is a program that would help increase their life and educational skills that they have to attend after they get out of juvenile for a certain period of
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