Essay On Juvenile Probation Officer

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There are times when almost everyone asks what is the purpose of a juvenile probation officer; what role juvenile probation officers have, and what happens when you are on probation under the age of 18 and how a juvenile probation officer works with you. If you or you know someone who is in trouble, knowing how probation works isn’t always a bad thing. The job of a juvenile probation officer is very meaningful. It involves performing several different duties and putting in a fair amount of hours, but it provides a unique opportunity to intervene in the lives of criminal offenders at a time when they may still be open to reform. Major duties include making arrests and conducting searches in homes, testifying in court, reviews and evaluates…show more content…
“They are likely to face all sorts of dangers such as: aggressive pets, confrontational family members, observation of weapon and drugs, neglected children, disgusting homes, etc.” When going to a child/teenagers home, supervisors and receptionists should know where you are going and what you are doing. Having someone go with you to the person’s home, called a “buddy system” is the preferred method. Reviewing files and looking at the parents and family member’s records isn’t a bad idea either. The caseload assignment guidelines states that “a JPO be assigned no more than 20 active cases total across all legal status types: intake, probation, commitment, post commitment probation, and/or conditional release for the first six weeks. The make-up of the caseload assignment should mirror the typical caseload make-up of the other JPO’s in the unit. To become a Juvenile probation officer, you have to first, get a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, social work or psychology. Secondly, most employers prefer that you have experience in counseling, social work or another aspect of criminal justice, so doing an internship can be great for getting a job quicker than someone else wanting the same
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