Essay On Juveniles Equal To Adults

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Juvenile should be given charges equal to adults when it come to certain crimes, like murder. Whether a juvenile or an adult, a person has a full understanding of their actions, unless their mentally disturb but that 's not the subject. Young teens and children committing heinous crimes with full awareness.

“Some persons will shin crime even if we do nothing to deter them, while others will seek it out even if we do everything to reform them. Wicked people exist. Nothing avails except to set them apart from innocent people.” -James Q. In 1990, Jennifer Jenkins loss her sister, who was pregnant at the time, and sister’s husband to murder. The two were gun downed cold blooded by a teen. Referred as a “thrill kill”, the reasoning for this sickening act was, what this juvenile says, “to see what it would feel like to shoot someone.” Jennifer says that we must face the reality that teens can kill.

Teen killers have
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An insane action JLWOPs are doing is spending , millions of dollars to free convicted murders. There are advocates who with to minimize sentences or simply set free offenders simply because of their age. With no regard to the impact of victims’ families. And advocates often mislead the public with absurd headlines in magazines and news ads. For example, a 7- or 8-year old child model is on a front cover of a magazine with the headline, “sentencing children to die in prison.” Our nation does not sentence children to die in prison, this is just propaganda.

Jennifer says, “far more than these teen killers gave to our murdered loved ones.” Referring to the already short sentences teen killers are given. The people offending these murders don 't want to talk about the truth of the impact of victims families an impact they can have on citity, just about the poor murderous children in
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