Essay On Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults

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Picture this, a child sitting in prison, alone, scared, regretful, and he/she has a whole life ahead of them that will go down the waste for something they did that they might not fully understand why they did it. Age, brain development, environment, and immaturity are all the factors that should be recognized before they go and try juveniles as adults. Children have so many influences and faults that adults do not have as much of. Juveniles should not be allowed to be tried as adults. In America there are children as young as 12 and 13 that are looking at life sentences, these children are too young to be locked in cells with grown adult men. There have several situations where children had to grow up in prison because they committed a crime…show more content…
Nowadays it is too expensive for just one parent to support the family, a household usually has two people who make the money to survive. In these cases many children are neglected and lonely because their parents are working all the time or they are just simply too tired to pay attention. This constant neglect can cause kids to act out for attention causing them to do some erratic actions. Author Scott Anderson in article Greg Ousley Is Sorry for Killing His Parents. Is That Enough? highlights the point that “Greg was neither physically nor sexually abused, for example — but others certainly were: family strife; social isolation. Perhaps most intriguing are those things often absent from such households: juvenile delinquency on the part of the killer and a history of police intervention with the family, both of which were absent from the Ousley home.”. Anderson really emphasizes that Greg did not have the typical child criminal background of growing up in a rough neighborhood or being forced into the street life, yet he had the quite opposite of being in a decent neighborhood, it was his loneliness that traumatised the kid. A child 's environment has a big influence on them and whether it be the gang, neglect, or abuse, it is all highly life changing to children who have no choice of what their environment is going to be. Since children have no sayso on what their environment is going to be like they have no control on what behavior it 's going to bring upon
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