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Kaposi Sarcoma was known as a vicious new disease quickly amplifying in the late 1980s San Francisco area that baffled the entire medical community by proposing characteristics that were nothing like recorded diseases at the time.” In the light of recent discoveries regarding the viral pathogenesis of Kaposi 's sarcoma, these variants most likely represent different manifestations of the same pathologic process” (Antman 1). It not only frighten the most respected medical examiners, but it created social deviances that further targeted the gay community. In result the gay community was oppressed with a greater dislike due to disease spreading to other people like hemophiliacs by blood transfusions with untested donated blood. Including the affect it had in all these different areas, it also had economic hindrance due to the…show more content…
It causes for purple, red, or brown lesions that can be flat (patches), flat but slightly raised It can be detected through a routine physical exam, and the suspicion of an abnormal lesion or skin tumors on the skin. The physical might ask you about your sexual activity or medical background to determine if there was a possibility for the exposure of the Kaposi sarcoma herpesvirus (KSHV). It is also common to examine the oral cavity because this is where the virus tends to produce lesions first. After the physician makes a conclusion a biopsy of a small sample of the tissue to the laboratories for examination. Chest x-rays are also used to detect any noticeable tumors or abnormalities, or bronchoscopy where the severe coughing symptoms can be used to determine the possibility of being caused by Kaposi Sarcoma. There can also be examination for bloody stool is also possible sign because the virus causes intestinal hemorrhaging. Signs and symptoms can be easily detectable because they inhibit daily routines by nit allowing swallowing or severe swelling of body

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