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Culture refers to that part of the total repertoire of human action which is socially as opposed to genetically transmitted. In social science, culture is all that in human society which is socially rather than biologically transmitted. Culture is a general term for the symbolic and learned aspects of human society. Social anthropological ideas of culture are based to a great extent on the definition in which it is referred to as “a learned complex of knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, and custom”. This definition implies that culture and civilization are same. Modern ideas of culture arose through the work of field anthropologists such as Franz Boas. Subsequently, it was argued the concept of culture can provide ways of explaining and understanding human behavior, belief systems,…show more content…
Chakri is played with musical instruments like the harmonium, the rabab, the sarangi and the nout (pitcher). Chakri was also used to tell stories like fairy tales or famous love stories such as Yusuf Zulaikha, Laila Majnun etc. Chakri ends with the Rouf, though rouf is a dance form but few ending notes of chakri which are played differently and on fast notes is called Rouf. It is a very important part of the henna night during wedding for Kashmiri Pandits and the Kashmiri Muslims. The famous chakri singers during 20th century are Ghulam Nabi Shakhsaz, Gulzar Ganie, Salam Khodwan and Manzoor Ahmad Shah etc. Rouf: Rouf is a traditional dance form performed by girls on certain important occasions like Eid, Marriage and other functions. Rouf includes dancing and singing simultaneously. No musical instrument is required for this. Girls arrange themselves in two or three rows; each row has four to six girls. Each row of girls then moves one step forward and then back in swaying motion while singing the Rouf song or Wanwun. Wanwun is also traditional folk songs of Kashmir sung by women’s on the wedding
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