Essay On Kate Chopin's Use Of Situational Irony

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Kate Chopin used situational and dramatic irony in order to buy some mystery and it can leaves you thinking at the end. Situational irony is when the opposite of what you expect happend.The other irony Kate Chopin uses is Dramatic wich means when the audience/reader knows something that a character doesnt.One type of situational irony that louise was happy when she found out that her husband was dead.This is situational irony because most woman would be sad.In the text it states, “She said it over and over underneath her breath:Free,free,free!This shows that my claim was situational irony and my claim because i explained why it includes the type of irony and the evidence supports it because that's how she felt “Free”. One type of Dramatic irony is when doctors think she died of joy but the readers know she died of shock.In the story it indecates “When the doctors come they had said she died of…show more content…
In other words the author used Kate chopin used the two types of irony situational and dramatic irony because she wanted to make the audience shocked because i do not think a woman would act like that if her husband died.Nobody knew why she really died but we are gonna think that she died of shock.The reason they said she died was from shock in my opinion because the doctors had said that she died from the joy that kills and in the story it says “she had died of heart disease--the joy that kills.WHAT'S YOUR THOUGHT OF THE STORY “THE STORY OF AN
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