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For a thousand years, people have kept wildlife in zoos and believed that zoos are the best place for animals. Nowadays, there are over 10,000 zoos all around the world and the number tends to rise gradually (National Geographic Organization). In a zoo, people can spend time with their family or their friends because there are many attractions for the visitors, such as animal shows, an aquarium, and a snow dome. But at the same time, zoos are insecure for animals and infringe on the animal rights. Moreover, animals in zoos are forced to live in a stressful environment and treated badly. Although it is considered that animals should be kept in zoos, keeping animals in zoos is harmful and unnecessary; therefore, it should be prohibited. It is generally agreed today that the main purpose of having zoos is for scientific benefits, such as the research and education. The decision was a good one. Nonetheless, zoos also provide amusement for the visitors to get money. The first aspect to point out is that the…show more content…
The animals in zoos are treated badly and forced to live in a limited place. Moreover, zoo animals are often used as a tool for human’s entertainment and benefits, such as the aquarium and the circus. Therefore, the zoo’s animals have health and mental problems, like stress and obesity. As a result, the number of animals is decreasing instead of rising like the zoos’ purpose. All of these points lead to the conclusion that zoos should be prohibited because they are harmful and unnecessary for animals. Nevertheless, one should accept that zoos are not the best place to save the animals from extinction. Animals should be observed in their natural habitat, not in jail. Lastly, the best way of helping animals is to support the organizations that work to protect and preserve wild animals, such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and other wildlife

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