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The prohibition of pets in public housing estates for health concerns has always been a constant issue. As many types of pet are allowed in public housing estate, this essay will focus specifically on dogs. First and foremost, the purpose of building public housing estate is to satisfy those who cannot carry the financial burden of private or Home Ownership Scheme housing estate. It is well-known that the public housing estate is densely populated with limited public and unit space. Keeping dogs brings negative effect towards environment or neighbours for their barking problem. Keeping dogs in public housing estate should be prohibited due to protect the rights of residents and ensure the rights of dogs.

First of all, keeping dogs disturb the environment of the public housing estate. It is elementary in a dog’s world that they may treat their owner as the most important thing. They probably do not have a sense that barking and urination will affect the living habits of other residents. Society for the Prevention of
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However, the major difference is the density, size, and environment of the living units when compared to the situation of Hong Kong. Moreover, cruel methods are used to stop the barking problem of dogs in those countries – wearing off the sound collar or cutting their vocal cords. As a result, these practices totally deprive the freedom of dogs and violate the point of safeguarding the rights of them.

In conclusion, after considering diversified perspectives, dogs should not be allowed in public housing estate in order to protect the right of both residents and dogs themselves. Therefore, the feasibility of keeping dogs in Hong Kong public housing estate can be pended for further discussion from the aspects of the ethic

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