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Keloid Ear Treatment Options
Keloids are scars that overgrow after tissue damage. The wound heals as a large, soft growth. Michael H. Tirgan, MD, attributes the keloid disorder to genetics. According to him, some people are more prone to develop keloids. In addition, an injury must be available to trigger the abnormal wound healing process. The genetics however are not well understood. Some people suffer from mild forms of the keloids while others suffer from a moderate to severe form of it.
For keloid scars to form, the normal healing process goes into overdrive. In normal situations, fresh skin develops or is laid down to heal damaged skin. The damaged area then fades away gradually. The keloid scar forms because the skin gets too much collagen laid down on it after the damage. This heals the wound ‘too much’. Instead of then fading away like it should normally do, the tissue stays there.
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It mostly occurs during puberty or pregnancy when there is hyperactivity in the pituitary gland. The keloid scars can take from three months to a year to form after skin has been damaged. They start off as a skin lesion then grow over time. The longer the keloid stays without being removed the larger it becomes. The rate of growth varies in individuals.
Ear Keloids
The ears are one of the common locations for keloid development. Most of the time, ear keloid formation is triggered by piercing. The second type of injury is surgery done while removing a previous keloid or any other type of surgery including facelift surgery or otoplasty to reshape ears.
Ear keloids have a psycho-social impact on those affected. It causes aesthetic and functional problems since the keloids are visible. It may also cause depression and anxiety issues if the ear becomes disfigured or the keloids keep

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