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What is kidney disease?
In the human body there are two kidneys. Kidney disease is when the kidney is not working well.The kidney’s job is to filter to remove water and wastes from body. When the kidney is not working well,it doesn't filter the water and the waste from the body which makes the waste products can build up in your body. This can lead to many other sickness is well. “Every single hour the blood travels from the heart to the kidney for a cleansing process”. Kidney disease is caused by family history, this is because if kidney disease is in the family genes it is possible that everyone in the family can get it. Kidney diseases can lead to a high blood pressure because the body blood won't able to control the waste in the blood.
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Diabetes affects African-American differently, this is because they develop kidney disease failure more often than the whites. Many of them don’t know that they have diabetes which leads to kidney disease. High blood pressure affects African-Americans differently. ¨African-Americans are almost four times as likely as Whites to develop kidney disease¨. African-Americans are six times more likely to get kidney failure from their high blood pressure than whites. African-Americans have a higher rate of kidney failure than any other group of people.In fact, African-Americans are three to four times more likely to have kidney failure than white Americans. African-Americans are to talk to their doctors about getting tested and how often they should get it because they have a high risk of getting it. African-American to live healthy like exercise to cut their risk of them getting kidney disease.

Kidney disease can lead to kidney failure this is because kidney disease slow down the kidneys from working. Which can lead to making the kidneys not working at all, Which is a kidney failure. This can be treated by dialysis which involves the use of a machine that filter waste from your body. This is mostly done by the

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