Kidney Transplantation Essay

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Background Kidney transplantation has been one of the treatment modality for end stage renal disease. To date, there have been several methods for kidney transplantation, one of the most common is living donor transplantation. This type of transplantation can be done by using either open or laparoscopic nephrectomy procedure. However, due to shorter hospitalization, lesser post-operation pain and better aesthetics outcome, laparoscopic donor nephrectomy (LDN) is more frequently used in many centers.1 Based on several studies, LDN, as well as open nephrectomy, has the same graft function after one-year transplantation. Nevertheless, ureum/creatinine level and dependency on dialysis machine was still high 1-week post-transplantation. This condition may occur because of mechanical injury induced by traumatic handling, ischemia due to long extraction time and…show more content…
These data were then compared between the two groups mentioned previously. Renal Resistive Index Measurement Renal Resistive Index (RI) measurement was done to patients who underwent laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy (LLDN). The patients had to be in modified left lateral decubitus position and in fully hydrated condition. The measurement was performed by an operator from the radiology department and was done using Doppler USG with convex probe 3.5-5 MHz and doppler vascular mode to the living donor’s left and right renal artery, lobar artery and interlobular artery. The formula for RI is shown below. Renal Resistive Index (RI) = Peak systolic velocity – End diastolic velocity Peak systolic velocity Statistical

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