Essay On Kids Should Get Paid For Good Grades

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Kids Should Get Paid for Good Grades

Most kids come to school 5 days a week and seven hours a day and they all work towards one goal… to get good grades. Students try their best on homework, tests, and quizzes and most get good grades. The only problem with this is the ones who do get good grades, don't get paid. If we got paid for good grades we would all try harder and more kids would get good grades. Kids should get paid for good grades.

Kids in today's society all want money and we'll do anything to get it, including get good grades. Many studies have shown that people work harder if they physically get something out of there work such as money or candy. Since the kids today don’t get anything for good grades it's making them not want to try hard or put in any work into their school grades. Just think, going to work every day and not getting paid, would people still try their best and put all their time and effort into their job? I don't think so, but people at a job do get paid so I think kids
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If they got paid then they could just buy it themselves and everyone would be happy because kids would never bother their parents for stuff and kids would be happy because they could just get the stuff they wanted. All they would need is good grades. And I could bet that almost every kid in the world right now would strive to get good grades if they got paid for it.
In conclusion, kids should get paid for good grades because they'll try harder, they'll score higher on tests, and they could buy all there own stuff. This would make everyone happy including teachers, parents, and of course the kids. The kids would be able to get really smart while making there own money so they could go to better colleges and they could get a better job so it would all work out in the end. And the only thing you need to achieve all of this is to pay kids for good
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